The motorcycle market is filled with people hungry to personalize a bike to make it their own. You serve those buyers and we serve you. Cutting, swaging, flaring, welding, and end-forming by experts is exactly what you need to offer the quality parts your customer demands. Working to improve a specific design shortcoming or to address an industry need, our in-house engineers can help you take your design to a final product that puts you ahead of your competition. Learn more here and contact us with questions on how we can help.


Serving the automotive industry requires you to provide quality and volume at a rate dictated by the break-neck pace of modern business. With our high-speed capacity  –  processing over 1.8 million pieces of tube each month  –  we are your dependable source for steel tube cutting and fabrication. To inquire about specific products and services for your needs, contact us today.

Conveyor Systems

Regardless of the industry served, your conveyor system needs to be fast and dependable. Woodsage has been where you’ve come for 40 years for steel tube rollers that meet your demanding requirements. Whatever your conveyor system requirements, low to high volume, short to long run, our ISO-9001 certified roller manufacturing and assembly service will ensure that your needs are met. Request a quote or call for more information today.

Lawn & Garden

Quality lawn and garden equipment requires precision components. Experienced in tube fabrication and assembly for even the most intricate parts, Woodsage provides lawn and garden brands with the quality components they need to meet their production schedules even in the most demanding of seasons. Swaging, end forming,  tapering, flaring, broaching, powder coating, and customer specific packaging are just some of the capabilities Woodsage has that will make your life easier. Connect with us to learn more.


The utilities industry requires a high level of customization to fabricate the specific steel tube components necessary for this stringent industry. We’ve worked with manufacturers in the utilities industry developing new products to get ahead in the game. To learn more about our capabilities and how they apply to your industry, please contact Woodsage today.

Tube Manufacturers

Our high-speed fabrication capabilities and processes compliant with industry standards get you the parts, assembly, and engineering expertise you need to rise above your competitors. Our goal is to help you sell more tube. From cutting to fabrication to final assembly, Woodsage is the contract manufacturer you need. We can partner with you to supply your customer the bent, formed, or welded part they are looking for.

Learn more about our experience in the fast-growing industry by connecting today.


We understand the demands placed on today’s furniture manufacturers. There’s no room for error. Woodsage provides in-house engineering to review your designs to create fabricated tube solutions for any application. You can depend on us to get your products finished and out the door on budget and on time.  Contact us today to tell us about your current requirements and how we can help.