Motorcycle Products

Loyalty through Innovation

It can be argued that there is no greater loyalty than that among motorcycle enthusiasts. Which is why you absolutely must offer your customers the seamless, sexy, and quality products that stand up to the harshest scrutiny of the end user.

At Woodsage, we keep that in mind as we custom design and fabricate components for the motorcycle aftermarket. We pioneered the one piece motorcycle canister as the industry standard, and in the process obsoleted unsightly and expensive welded muffler assemblies. Our simplified, one piece assembly enabled our customers to reduce their investment in inventory, eliminate costly welding operations from their shop floor, improve longevity of their exhaust products, and eliminate air leakage from weld pinholes.

Woodsage is unique in its ability to offer in-house engineering and prototyping to speed the development of your motorcycle exhaust systems.

Woodsage has extensive experience in many motorcycle exhaust components, including:

  • Muffler Cannisters
  • Heat Shields and Header Tubes
  • Internal Baffles
  • Handlebars
Motorcycle Products