"Good Enough Never Is!" - Jim Cannaley
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Woodsage Industries, LLC
P.O. Box 1040
Holland, OH 43528
Phone: 419-866-8000
Fax: 419-868-3533
Email: woodsage@woodsage.com


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Woodsage Industries, LLC understands the singular focus you demand from a supplier partner. You won't find us competing for projects on the side or taking too long to complete your order because we're working on our own agenda. At Woodsage Industries, LLC, were here for you.

Communication is vital, and our integrated order management system provides you with up-to-date job information. Using our order system, our experienced customer service team provides prompt and accurate information to our customers.

Added Equipment in 2014

Woodsage Industries, LLC has acquired another Tig Weld Cell, Added 5" OD capable swaging equipment, Added a 4" OD capable heavy wall tube bender, aquired a CMM scanner for quality, invested in a 5" capable end finisher, and refurbished a CNC lathe.