We manufacture straight and tapered precision rollers for conveyors and other components used in conveyor systems for the material handling industry.

Woodsage is the market leader in the manufacturing of steel conveyor rollers. With the explosion of e-Commerce, the demand for our tapered and grooved steel rollers has never been greater. Across the material handling industry, Woodsage conveyor rollers are an integral part of the distribution network, moving products to consumers in a fast and reliable way.



The standard conveyor rollers we manufacture include:

  • Straight rollers
  • Tapered rollers
  • Grooved rollers
  • Galvanized rollers
  • Coated rollers
  • High-speed, precision rollers

We also manufacturer a number of specialty rollers. They include:

  • Rollers with lagging
  • Right-angle transfer rollers
  • Fully assembled rollers or roller shells
  • Poly-V rollers
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