Exhaust Systems


Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

Woodsage manufacturers aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems for well-known brands, such as Harley Davidson and Indian. Our exhaust system products are in high demand because of their quality and cosmetically appealing design.

Take your bike's performance and sound to the next level with a premium aftermarket motorcycle exhaust system. We utilize precision fabrication and bending techniques to craft systems created to optimal diameters and profiles for your specific motorcycle make and model. With in-house designing, CNC machining, tubing fabrication, finish welding and quality testing, we control every step. Look no further for your partner in motorcycle exhaust system manufacturing. Reach out to Woodsage today!

Products include:

  • Complete Muffler Assemblies
  • Exhaust Header Tubes
  • Heat Shields
  • Baffles
  • Inlets
  • End Caps

Automotive Systems

Products we manufacture for the aftermarket automotive industry:

  • Catalytic converters


As environmental regulations tighten, catalytic converters remain an essential component for reducing harmful emissions from automobiles. Our state-of-the-art catalytic converter manufacturing utilizes innovative production methods and advanced materials to create high-performance, durable converters that help our auto industry partners meet stringent emissions standards.

With capacities scaling into the millions of units, we have the supply chain and manufacturing bandwidth to be a trusted OEM partner. Let us put our catalytic converter expertise to work for you and help build a cleaner transportation future

Exhaust Pipe Components