Gravity Rollers

Gravity Conveyor Rollers

Woodsage is an industry leader in the manufacture of gravity conveyor rollers for gravity conveyance systesm. Our partnerships with the largest material handling OEMs and integrators are testament to the quality and customer service we provide on a daily basis.

While new automated conveyors manage high volume and speed for large operations, the traditional, lower-cost gravity roller system continues to hold an important position in the conveyor world.

Many operations, such as TSA checkpoints at airports, only require a little push to keep things rolling. Other systems rely on a small incline, the natural force of gravity and the weight of the conveyed object for a successful journey. We have successfully produced millions of dependable straight conveyor rollers and tapered rollers for use in gravity roller systems, to keep our customers conveyance operations running smoothly.

  • Shortest lead times
  • Best on-time delivery
  • Made in the USA

Available Sizes: 1.5” up to 5” diameter

Available Materials: Hot-rolled, Cold-rolled, DOM, Galvanized, Aluminized & Stainless Steel