Grooved Tapered Rollers

Grooved Tapered Rollers for Conveyor Systems

Grooved tapered rollers are used in the turns of conveyor systems and driven by O-ring style belts. This keeps the items being conveyed moving forward at a controlled , monitored speed.  Woodsage has been producing high-quality tapered rollers, grooved or non-grooved, for more than 40 years.

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High-quality grooved tapered rollers from Woodsage make your conveyor system operate more precisely and efficiently. Properly engineered grooves reduce motor and belt wear through lower resistance and friction levels.

We understand the conveyor business and have tailored our operation to provide you with the best grooved tapered roller products that are delivered on time with the shortest lead times in the industry.

Grooved tapered rollers are used in motor-driven systems to keep the objects being conveyed in place as they go around curves. Woodsage has been producing high-quality tapered rollers for more than 40 years.

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Grooved Conveyor Tapered Rollers
Grooved Conveyor Tapered Rollers
Grooved Tapered Roller Assembly Product Specifications
Tube Size1.375” OD to 5” OD
Tube Gauges18 ga to 10 ga
Grooves1, 2, 3
FinishGalv, Raw or Coated
Coating MaterialsPolyurethane, PVC
Between Frames8" to 68"
Large End Diameters1.375” to 5"
Small Diameter1” to 2.5"
Groove LocationPer your specification
Groove Radius1/4", 3/16”, 5/16”
Groove DepthPer Customer Requirements
Axle TypeRound, 5/16 Hex, 7/16 Hex, 11/16 Hex, ID Threaded, OD Threaded, Cotter Pin
Bearing TypesCommercial, Semi-Precision, Precision, Poly-V

The highest-quality tapered rollers plus outstanding engineering and customer service support are an additional part of the value you receive as a Woodsage customer.

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