Woodsage Proactively Maintains Short Lead Times Despite Global Supply Chain Issues

NEWS_Supply Chain

HOLLAND, OHIO, March 1, 2022 – With global supply chains in constant disruption, Woodsage has taken action to maintain its industry-best lead times for conveyor system rollers. Demand for tapered, straight-grooved and high-speed rollers has never been higher.

As the industry leader in the conveyor roller market, Woodsage has announced major changes to manage its supply chain and support its customers.

“What is Woodsage doing about it? CEO Daniel Brown says “What we’re not doing is sitting back waiting for conditions to improve. Specifically, we have doubled our investment in raw tube inventory to cut out long lead times from the mills. And despite enormous challenges in the employment arena, we’ve increased the size of our workforce and expanded our plant production capacity.”

As a result of these actions, Woodsage is in a better position to maintain the short lead times that are so important to conveyor system OEMs.

To get more details, watch our video highlighting Woodsage’s proactive approach and the value we provide as a world-class supplier.