Milton Street Capital Acquires Woodsage LLC

NEWS: Milton Street Capital

HOUSTON, November 19, 2021 – Milton Street Capital, a Houston-based private equity firm, is excited to announce it has acquired Woodsage LLC, the fourth platform in the firm’s inaugural fund.

Woodsage principally manufactures and markets specialty steel rollers and other components used in conveyor system solutions across the material handling industry. The Company has built an industry-leading position by applying its expertise in the production of precision-engineered tapered and grooved steel rollers that significantly enhance the performance and reliability of conveyor systems.

Under the leadership of CEO Dan Brown and COO Curtis Bowers, Woodsage leverages its modernized fabrication facility in Holland, OH, to shape steel tubing through expansion, bending, reducing, cutting, tapering, threading, and grooving to develop custom solutions for material handling, motorcycle, automotive, lawn and garden, and other niche markets.

“Curtis and I are excited to partner with Milton Street to invest in the next stages of our growth to support the evolving global distribution infrastructure sector,” said Mr. Brown. “We look forward to expanding and growing our production capabilities to create world-class levels of reliability and responsiveness for our industry-leading customer base in the rapidly growing material handling industry.”

“Dan and Curtis have done an excellent job positioning Woodsage as an industry-leading manufacturer of specialty conveyor rollers,” said Kevin Crook, Vice-President at Milton Street. “We are excited to invest in a market leader with blue chip customer relationships, unmatched product quality, and the commercial and operational foundation to scale quickly in this high growth market.”