We Produce Quality

At Woodsage we’ve been producing quality parts from tube and bar for the automotive, lawn and garden, motorcycle exhaust and conveyor system industries for over 30 years. We have extensive production and fabrication capability and an experienced team of  professionals to convert your designs to parts in an efficient and timely way. We welcome you to look through our site to see how we can partner with you on your fabricated tube parts and high volume cut-off requirements.

High Volume Cutting

You need quality parts and your customers demand your products now. Lead times need to be short without sacrificing excellence. This is when you look to Woodsage, experts in the field of high volume and high speed cutting. Our advanced technology keeps us leaders in the industry, and our reputation for quality instills confidence and customer loyalty.

Tube Reduction

With the largest tube reduction capacity in the U.S. and state of the art equipment, we can manufacture things like tapered rollers for curves in conveyor systems, steering columns, natural gas piping, automotive exhaust applications, slip fit joints for ladders and fencing, and formed lawn and garden pieces.

Tube Fabrication

From the manufacture of axle tubes and conveyor rollers to our premium ISO compliant mechanical assembly services, we’ve helped companies in the automotive and motorcycle industries craft quality components for their finished products. Businesses who rely on conveyor systems also rely on Woodsage to provide the precise tube fabrication they need for each unique part.

Tube Bending

With our ISO-9001 certified CNC mandrel tube bending operations, we are capable of bending tubes measuring from .75 inches diameter to 4.0 inches diameter, in lengths up to 13 feet and wall thickness up to .360 inches. In addition, our mandrel tube bending machinery is equipped with rotary index and multi-stack capabilities. Our tube bending services can be applied to a variety of products.